Di Matteo sacked at 4 am …….bit early for that sort of news surely?

I think it was inevitable that the former Chelsea manager would be sacked by his erratic chairman , but to be told at 4 am this morning following a long journey back from Italy was a bit much. Did he need to be woken at that time of the day? That’s assuming he’d got home and managed to get his head down for 40 winks. Either way its something that could have waited until the morning i’m sure.

You can see the scene in Casa Abramovic, probably rolled in from the night club at 3.30 am , full of alcohol and kebab, ( surely everyone no matter how much money gets a kebab on the way home? At least let the butler get one for you), saw the result through his beer goggles and decided to sack the manager. He’s possibly woken up this morning and forgotten hes done it, ” wheres Roberto?” As the fog lifts and he turns on the news he’ll realize that hes sacked a manager who won him the European cup less than 6 months ago…..and at 4 am in the morning.

To top it off, the phone call probably woke up Di Matteos wife, thinking that there was a family emergency  Poor Roberto will have got the sack and then an ear full off the wife who “has to be up in a few hours to take the kids to school”.

Poor night all round really. I’d like to have enough money to own my own football team and then be able to run it like a Sunday league team……..I think i know a manger who’s out of work.


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