Christmas shopping???? Economic recovery?? Economic plan

Its that time again, the time when you are forced out of the arm chair to the high street to buy presents for people who you don’t really see as much as you should and stimulate the ailing economy.

I can see the headlines in March already  “Economy out of recession”, “Christmas surge in spending rescues economy” followed by the headlines in April “Economy slows down after the Christmas spending slow down”, “Economy back in to recession”.

I think the time has come for all the experts to admit that we don’t really know how to fix the economy as there has been a  crash this bad for a while. If they did then they would have done something about it already. My plan for the economy is simple, move Christmas to a 4 times a year event, that would increase high street spending and consumer interest in getting out there as well as keeping the economy in good order.

Please vote for me for prime minister…….


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