A day in the life of a social housing professional…….

I know i’m not the only one out there……..i know we all go home at the end of the day and wonder why we do what we do. We must, as its not a job that you want to do when you are growing up. Can you imagine the look on your parents face when they ask you “what do you want to do when you grow up sweetie?” To be greeted with ” i want to be a repairs inspector, then one day be the manager of the repairs department with ion the social housing sector”, as the color drains from your parents face, they then spend the next few years trying to get you in to more fashionable work such as banking or prostitution.

Whilst i’m sat here watching 999 whats your emergency?  (for those outside the UK it follows the phone operators, Police and ambulance crews around a sea side town in Northern England) It strikes me that whilst their jobs deals with the more serious side of life and death, some of the situations they find themselves in are not to far removed from situations i find my self in on a daily basis. Abusive people, drunk, high and aggressive.

I’ve thought about writing a book about my experiences for some time now, as i think there is a wealth of funny, sad and interesting stories that i could recount that would fill a few pages out and draw some recognition from other professionals around the world, i may do it one day , but for now i think i’ll stick to the blogging and see if anyone out there can relate to some of the issues that are raised. Like the time i was out on some visits to people houses and was offered a cup of tea which was stirred with the persons spoon they were eating their eggs with……..not sure what the social etiquette is on this one? Drink it to be polite? Put it in the plant pot whilst they are not looking? Or when i went to inspect a “problem” with some plaster only to find that the tenants had scrapped the paint and plaster off back to the brickwork, and weren’t to happy with the finish on the walls as they wanted to “paper the walls”.

There’s never a dull day to say the least………….


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