how do you get in to the top 100 blogs?

I saw this article recently top 100 blogs and wondered how on earth you can get your blog anywhere near the top 100 of any poll, survey or down the pub conversation? You have to admire people , particularly the amateur enthusiast who has a day at work, comes home , walks the dog then puts the kids to bed so he or she can sit down for some peace and quiet and start their blog. I appreciate there are a few ( more than a few) professional bloggers in this list but its the amateur ones who i take my hat off to.

I think blogging is a discipline that is harder to master than it first looks. As well as which subject matter to choose so as not to bore people through repetition, the content has to be at the right level to entice people in to at least have a look.

Long may it continue i say, after all its not that long ago that blogging didn’t exist.


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