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NASAP image of the day today, 

Courtesy of NASA 
I thought this was a beautiful image. …….


Work tomorrow. ……already? 

Sunday night again,  it seems to come around a bit too quickly for my liking. I’m sure that the rest of the week doesn’t go as quickly so Friday night to Sunday evening. 

We seem to spend our lives at work and sunday night is made more of an issue as we know work is coming quickly, the lie insurance have gone, you’ve accomplished nothing  (well it was the weekend ) , and only seem to think about how quickly next weekend will come. 

We should really appreciate being able to go to work,  many, many people don’t have the opportunity to do it,  yet we wish our lives away to the next weekend so we can be free of the cloud above our heads that is the dreaded work week. 

I’m sure Donald Trump will soon sign an executive order to ban weekends,  in the hope to make America great again, of course,  but until then let’s try to enjoy the week as well as the weekend,  and take the opportunity of enjoying the gifts life has to offer. 

2017 the year of the blog

I’m going to try and find the time to blog this year, following a few attempts in previous years.  Unfortunately, work and university studies got in the way and my interest as well as my time waned.

It seems to be a common problem looking at some information about blogging of the Internet,  so I’m hoping to  buck the trend in 2017.

I’m not 100% sure what the topic of the blog will be,  but I’m going to include some photos and try a few different topics.

Fingers crossed

My dissertation – where to start?

Its that time soon people, my dissertation is coming up and i have to think of a suitable title and area of research in order to for fill my commitment to academia. I think its fair to say that i’m in a bit of a quandary at the moment. so i’m appealing here for any help or advice any one can give from their own experiences with this and hopefully i can learn from your mistakes and have some of my own on the way which i can pass on to others next year when i’m finished.

Many thanks

Sweets ARE good for you!!

I came across this article today about some brothers who sold their family business for £50 million. The shop was started 50 years ago by the parents of the brothers as a single shop on a high street and was sold today as a chain of 18 cash and carry stores around England.

Lovely story i though and just goes to show that a small shop can turn in to a multi million pound business. Very nice i’d say……

Di Matteo sacked at 4 am …….bit early for that sort of news surely?

I think it was inevitable that the former Chelsea manager would be sacked by his erratic chairman , but to be told at 4 am this morning following a long journey back from Italy was a bit much. Did he need to be woken at that time of the day? That’s assuming he’d got home and managed to get his head down for 40 winks. Either way its something that could have waited until the morning i’m sure.

You can see the scene in Casa Abramovic, probably rolled in from the night club at 3.30 am , full of alcohol and kebab, ( surely everyone no matter how much money gets a kebab on the way home? At least let the butler get one for you), saw the result through his beer goggles and decided to sack the manager. He’s possibly woken up this morning and forgotten hes done it, ” wheres Roberto?” As the fog lifts and he turns on the news he’ll realize that hes sacked a manager who won him the European cup less than 6 months ago…..and at 4 am in the morning.

To top it off, the phone call probably woke up Di Matteos wife, thinking that there was a family emergency  Poor Roberto will have got the sack and then an ear full off the wife who “has to be up in a few hours to take the kids to school”.

Poor night all round really. I’d like to have enough money to own my own football team and then be able to run it like a Sunday league team……..I think i know a manger who’s out of work.

A day in the life of a social housing professional…….

I know i’m not the only one out there……..i know we all go home at the end of the day and wonder why we do what we do. We must, as its not a job that you want to do when you are growing up. Can you imagine the look on your parents face when they ask you “what do you want to do when you grow up sweetie?” To be greeted with ” i want to be a repairs inspector, then one day be the manager of the repairs department with ion the social housing sector”, as the color drains from your parents face, they then spend the next few years trying to get you in to more fashionable work such as banking or prostitution.

Whilst i’m sat here watching 999 whats your emergency?  (for those outside the UK it follows the phone operators, Police and ambulance crews around a sea side town in Northern England) It strikes me that whilst their jobs deals with the more serious side of life and death, some of the situations they find themselves in are not to far removed from situations i find my self in on a daily basis. Abusive people, drunk, high and aggressive.

I’ve thought about writing a book about my experiences for some time now, as i think there is a wealth of funny, sad and interesting stories that i could recount that would fill a few pages out and draw some recognition from other professionals around the world, i may do it one day , but for now i think i’ll stick to the blogging and see if anyone out there can relate to some of the issues that are raised. Like the time i was out on some visits to people houses and was offered a cup of tea which was stirred with the persons spoon they were eating their eggs with……..not sure what the social etiquette is on this one? Drink it to be polite? Put it in the plant pot whilst they are not looking? Or when i went to inspect a “problem” with some plaster only to find that the tenants had scrapped the paint and plaster off back to the brickwork, and weren’t to happy with the finish on the walls as they wanted to “paper the walls”.

There’s never a dull day to say the least………….

Christmas shopping???? Economic recovery?? Economic plan

Its that time again, the time when you are forced out of the arm chair to the high street to buy presents for people who you don’t really see as much as you should and stimulate the ailing economy.

I can see the headlines in March already  “Economy out of recession”, “Christmas surge in spending rescues economy” followed by the headlines in April “Economy slows down after the Christmas spending slow down”, “Economy back in to recession”.

I think the time has come for all the experts to admit that we don’t really know how to fix the economy as there has been a  crash this bad for a while. If they did then they would have done something about it already. My plan for the economy is simple, move Christmas to a 4 times a year event, that would increase high street spending and consumer interest in getting out there as well as keeping the economy in good order.

Please vote for me for prime minister…….

how do you get in to the top 100 blogs?

I saw this article recently top 100 blogs and wondered how on earth you can get your blog anywhere near the top 100 of any poll, survey or down the pub conversation? You have to admire people , particularly the amateur enthusiast who has a day at work, comes home , walks the dog then puts the kids to bed so he or she can sit down for some peace and quiet and start their blog. I appreciate there are a few ( more than a few) professional bloggers in this list but its the amateur ones who i take my hat off to.

I think blogging is a discipline that is harder to master than it first looks. As well as which subject matter to choose so as not to bore people through repetition, the content has to be at the right level to entice people in to at least have a look.

Long may it continue i say, after all its not that long ago that blogging didn’t exist.

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